A mutual fund is like an investment basket that allows a group of people to pool their money and build a collective corpus.  Fund managers, who are well equipped with the knowledge as well as expertise to handle investors' money are appointed to watchdog performances. The job of fund managers is to build wealth over the long term, identify the right mutual fund scheme and build a solid portfolio that brings good returns.

Wondering why mutual funds?

Investors, today may not have time and expertise to invest in stocks, equities. Where mutual funds seek a validated way by help you take an exposure to the equity market, which is easy, convenient and match appropriately with individual needs, requirements.

Mutual funds help you get access to a diversified portfolio of all debt instruments, which you may not be able to do as an individual, unless you invest a few crore of rupees. The simplest and least expensive way to get wide access to investments, fruitful returns, minimal risks and professional management unarguably makes mutual funds a must have investment.